Leadership challenges in the 21st century

3rdGEN Consulting and Service Ltd. is the first and only third generation consulting company in Hungary. The members of our Consulting Team are exclusively top- and high- level leaders – experienced experts who have managed large organisations and have 10-15 years of experience in CXX leadership roles, including many who have gained in the international arena.

We believe that the expertise and experience of these leaders is priceless. We also believe that SMEs and their company leaders, as well as the middle- and top-level management of large companies need this knowledge in order to effectively face the challenges presented by the modern economic and business environment.

Our mission is to create value by making this almost inaccessible knowledge available to all leaders and companies.


Professional Councils

In general, our special methodology applied in case of consulting/organisational development projects is based on the creation of Professional Councils involving 3+1 (four in total) CXX-level top leaders. These leaders assess the given issues and the situation of the company and determine the development directions. The project itself is carried out by one of the members of the Professional Board.
During our mentoring programs, we provide an additional professional consultant for our Mentors.


Tools for increasing company profit

This what we are good and specialised at and what we like doing the most:

  1. Crisis management
  2. Mentoring: your tool in crisis management
  3. Chief executive consulting program
  4. Corporate strategy development
  5. Developing effective management
  6. Audit / design / development of sales organizations
  7. Business mentoring for middle and senior executives
  8. Complex operation audit
  9. Organizational structure transformation
  1. Defining roles, tasks and responsibilities
  2. Executive search
  3. Lean management, production process optimization, inventory management
  4. Generational change
  5. Development of controlling system
  6. Financial reorganization
  7. Company evaluation
  8. Exit strategy
  9. Review and creation of holding structures
  10. Mental reboot