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3rdGEN Consulting and Service Ltd. is the first and only third generation consulting company in Hungary. The members of our Consulting Community are exclusively top- and high- level leaders – experienced experts who have managed large organisations and have 10-15 years of experience in CXX leadership roles, including many who have gained in the international arena. We believe that the expertise and experience of these leaders is priceless. We also believe that SMEs and their company leaders, as well as the middle- and top-level management of large companies need this knowledge in order to effectively face the challenges presented by the modern economic and business environment.

Our mission

is to create value by making this almost inaccessible knowledge available to all leaders and companies.

Who are the members of our Consulting Community?

Ottó VÉG

3rdGEN Zrt. Chairman of the Board

ex-Adecco CEO

ex-Manpower CEO

ex-Nestlé Board member

3rdGEN Zrt. CEO

ex-Vodafone Director

ex-FlexLink CEO

3rdGEN Zrt. Board Member

MVÜK Founder

For the past 10 years, he has been a top executive in the recruitment industry. After more than 7 years as Adecco's managing director, he had 3 years of Manpower executive experience before that he was a senior executive and division director at FMCG (Nestlé). B2B / Service has outstanding knowledge and experience in sales, leadership, leadership selection.

As a senior manager of multi-company, sales and marketing organizations, he built successful teams with increasing revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction. In recent years, he has led a subsidiary of a Swedish manufacturing company, experiencing the challenges of SMEs. It is comfortable in both residential and B2B areas. We are committed to creating value to build satisfied and high-performing individuals/teams/ companies.

Over the past 9 years, Hungary has managed to build the most popular and, in many aspects, market-leading business club system with his colleagues. Its strengths are creativity, problem solving, strategy-making, leadership, sales, and it is very easy to get a sense of the internal tensions of an organisation, which is why one of its favourite topics is the issue of corporate culture and, in particular, its very powerful impact on profits.



Management / Strategy

Management /


Business building / Strategy

Benedek SÁNDOR

3rdGEN Zrt. Board Member


3rdGEN Zrt. Board Member

Díjbeszedő Holding Kft. - CEO

ex-Deloitte Director

ex-bp Magyarország Head of Country

He is an economist, a capital markets specialist in strategic consulting, acquisition and valuation. It believes that the leaders of its large companies have considerable knowledge and are able to use it to improve the business efficiency and management culture of SMEs, to reform the consulting profession and ultimately to benefit the national economy.

He has worked primarily in finance and management for the past 20 years, of which he has spent more than a decade as a consultant mainly in large companies (e.g. EY, K&H Leasing Group, E.On, Deloitte, MVM). He was a senior executive at Assessment Systems, DBH Group and Deloitte. Endre spent half of his 20-year professional career in an enterprise environment and the other half in an SME environment, totaling more than 10 years as a senior manager. He was involved in the creation and successful international market of several companies. In recent years, he has primarily worked as a management consultant, mentor and interim manager.

With 22+ years of work experience behind him, he has visited international companies in Croatia and Hungary. Initially, he worked in controlling areas. He also has experience in automotive, construction and FMCG. Ten years ago, he joined bp's business services centre (GBS), where, after continuous progress, he was the director of bp country and also operationally run the szeged centre.



Finance / M&A

Strategy / Management

Management/ Finance

Péter TORA

Kwizda - Marketing Manager

ex-Bayer Crop Science Country Manager ex-Főkert Zrt. Deputy CEO

CooperVision - Country Manager

ex-Yves Rocher Hungary Kft. Country Manager

Peter worked for 3 large international companies in 4 countries over 3 decades. He worked as a sales manager in Hungary for 13 years after working as a regional representative and marketing manager for large chemical companies in France, Britain and Germany. He was involved in the conduct of several acquisitions. He has extensive experience in change management and strategy-making. Since 2010, he has worked as bayer's north Africa manager. With his experience as a consultant, he led trainings in several countries. For the last 3 years of his life, Multis ran Bayer's agricultural business in Hungary until spring 2019. After it, he worked as deputy director of Főkert Zrt. in organizational development, strategy-making and internal mentoring. He currently works at Kwizda Agro Hungary since the beginning of 2022.

CooperVision Kft., one of the world's leading contact lens manufacturers, is the number one regional manager in Hungary and Slovenia and a member of the CEE leadership team. As an economist, she has worked for multinational companies for 18 years in marketing and sales and management. As a visualist obsessed with innovative solutions, she founded his own start-up company, LIMESET, in 2015. In his workplaces (Unilever, Béres, Walmark, Merck, EGIS, CooperVision) she has always successfully changed the status quo. In 2020, coopervision was the most successful subsidiary in Europe under Covid-19.

During my more than two decades of business professional and managerial career, I have rooted and made a French beauty brand popular in Hungary. I have built, developed and operated a network of retail brand stores with more than 30 stores and the Hungarian webshop of the brand. In addition to my work as a business manager, I have a business coach degree in leading Hungarian and French coaching schools. I currently work as a coach and business consultant, primarily in the commercial sector and SME.

Melinda VÁRADI


Management / Sales

Management / Pharma

Management / Retail


ex-Iron Mountain CFO

ex-General Manager, ex-VP of Central Europe

UTC Overseas - Regional Director, EMEA

Primerate - Founder, Owner

He is a senior executive with extensive experience in effectively and effectively leading teams across national borders and corporate functions. He began his corporate career at Iron Mountain financial organization, where over time he became more and more responsible and eventually managed the entire Central European finance team, and subsequently became Iron Mountain's Vice President of Central Europe. After Iron Mountain, he founded his own consulting firm. In his senior management work, he faced a myriad of business and financial challenges, always trying to achieve optimal business performance, revenue and profit growth.

He is currently director of the EMEA region at UTC Overseas Ltd (US logistics company). It is responsible for 60 professionals from 7 countries, responsible for a turnover of about HUF 5 billion. He previously worked as a manager at GE Energy and has significant logistical experience.

Hungary (1994), majority owner and managing director of Prime Rate Kft., one of the largest printing services in Hungary. In 26 years, under its management, Prime Rate Kft. has evolved into a medium-sized company with an annual turnover of HUF 13 billion, employing 250 people. The company provides a full range of printing services primarily in the B2B sector. In addition to business, Péter Tomcsányi was involved in scientific research and teaching until 2011. As an associate professor at the Marketing Institute of Szent István University, he taught service marketing, product marketing and marketing management.



Management / Finance

Management / Logistics

Management / M&A



ex-MOL Head of Group Investment Process Development

ex-Head of Group Preparation and Planning

Independent Airline Consultant,

ex-Malév Ground Handling Ltd. CEO

Gábor is managing director of SPIE Hungaria Ltd. The company is a major player in the electricity industry. Gabor has held senior positions in energy companies, Elmű-Émász Kft., Nabucco Hungary Kft., Gdf Suez Energia Holding Zrt. Its strength is project management.

He is an experienced leader who has spent more than 15 years with MOL Group in Hungary and in its foreign subsidiary, in local and group functions. He developed excellent management and management skills during his time in various business fields and positions. It can manage teams from engineers to economists and from middle managers to senior managers. A strategy-oriented leader capable of building and leading high-quality organizations.

Lóránt managed the sale of Budapest Airport Handling Kft. as managing director, and then continued to work as a co-managing director of the new owner, a Turkish company called Celebi. In 2007 he returned to Malév Ground Handling Zrt. as a CEO, which he led until April 2013, while in parallel, in 2011, the management of Malév Zrt. was entrusted to him until its shutdown. After that, he participated in the establishment of a private groundhandling small business, and after the establishment of Minibud Kft., the official bus partner of Budapest Airport, he acted as its managing director.



Management / Energy

Management / Energy

Management / Logistics


President of the Hungarian Business Angel Network, Angel Investorex

ex-Starschema Founder & CEO

Innovative technology manager, mentor and consultant. After years at multinational IT consulting firms, he founded Starschema Kft., Hungary's largest IT services company dealing with data technologies, which he ran for 12 years. Under his direction, the company grew to over 200 people, successfully raised venture capital and opened an office in the USA. He is currently a member of the Starschema Board and has mentoring and consulting roles at several startup accelerators.

Management / Start up

Ex-HP Director,

founding member of Hewlett-Hungary companyex-HP Director

ex-Hewlett-Packard Hungary Founder

Management / Strategy


27+ years of multinational enterprise experience in building, developing and developing workflows, excellent team spirit and company culture. From the beginning, he built the well-known HP IT Services and Service Division and later took a leading position in HP's Central and Eastern Europe regional organization. His creed is that every man wants and is able to do his best when the tasks are in line with his abilities, he embraces goals and values, he gets the right feedback about his work.

ex-Alois Steiner Kft. & Steiner-Autohof Kft. - Managing Director

ex-HAVI Logistics – Managing Director

Management / Logistics

He started his professional career with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and ergonomics, research and teaching in work sciences, but after the first years of the system change, he headed procter&gamble's distribution center in Hungary for almost 2 years. This move almost 30 years ago became decisive, as after P&G, he continued as head of logistics at Amstel (now Heineken), director of supply chain Central and Eastern Europe at Nestlé Purina PetCare and director of European supply chain at Provimi Petfood. From 2009 he worked as a company manager at HAVI Logistics Kft. and STI Hungary Kft. (the latter part-time, in parallel), and then at Alois Steiner Kft. The nearly 30 years of logistical work were crowned by the PhD degree in economics obtained in 2021, where the topic of the dissertation was opportunities to improve the efficiency of partnerships and supply chain management. In his work and personal life, he attaches great importance to cooperation, to bring human values to the surface and to continuously increase efficiency, in which the qualification of KAIZEN Coach also helps a lot.



Celanese - CEO

Karcher Hungary - Retail Sales Director

ex-SC Johnson National Field Sales Manager

Managing Director of celanese's hungarian service centre (SSC). István has been working since 2010 at the budapest centre with 500 employees. He has previous experience in finance, accounting, controlling and project management in international and Hungarian companies (Energy Management Zrt, Contitech, BMW, EY). Experienced manager selection and development (graduated coach). Member of the Bureau of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), member of the United Way Hungary Bureau, former Vice-President of the Hungarian Association of Services and Outsourcing (HOA).

I have spent the last 20 years professionally in the FMCG sales field in the corporate environment of Coca-Cola and sc johnson. From my work experience and MBA studies, I have up-to-date international management and management experience in the business sector. I believe that the way to success is through continuous learning, openness to synergies and change, intensive team collaboration. My strengths: Developing strategic partner relationships, Revenue-to-profit growth, Process Management, Leadership Training, Mentoring.


Management/ Finance

Sales /

Process management

ex-Electrolux Plant manager

ex-Carl Zeiss AG General manager

ex-Vestfrost Zrt CEO

Laszlo was ceo of Vestfrost Zrt. for 9 years, where commercial and wine coolers are manufactured. He directed brownfield and greenfield investments here. It has introduced new warehouse, logistics, corporate governance and quality systems and has undergone an organisational transformation. He was an interim consultant on several occasions. He worked for 10 years at Electrolux's factories in Jászberény and Nyíregyháza as a production engineer and factory manager. Typically, it was responsible for the development and installation of technological processes – while coordinating everyday factory tasks.


Management / Manufacturing


ex-Intersnack Magyarország Kft. - General Manager,

ex-Chio Hungary, Sales and Marketing Director

dm Drogerie Markt - Company Manager

For the past 30 years, he has worked in the local and regional markets of the European FMCG market. He gained experience in various sales, marketing and general management positions. During his career, he worked as a C-level manager at Unilever, ReckittBenckiser and the Intersnack Group. Over the years, his responsibilities included the development and transformation of various organizations, and the mentoring of the talents working in them. In addition to sales and general management, he also has experience in logistics and factory management.

I earned my degree as trade instructor at the Budapest Business School, Faculty of Commerce. In addition to my qualifications, I also participated in negotiation technique and mediator training programs. I have been working in the trade industry for 30 years, including 25 years in manager roles which include 14 years in senior management positions. I've been at my current job, at dm for 24 years. I started in sales as regional manager, and later worked as a procurement manager. Then I took over the management of the expansion department as company manager, where I am responsible for the complex management of 3 groups (acquisition, operations and business equipment), in addition I have regional sales management role, and I have also been acting as managing director for 6 years. Working in a multinational company, means that I have been and still involved in several international strategic projects. I really like working in a team, through personal interactions. My credo as a leader is that the leader's main job is to support his/her colleagues, creating the conditions so that those who work with him/her can develop in the best possible way.


Management / Sales

Management / Trade


ex-IRON Mountain VP HR Northern and EasternEurope, Middle East, India

ex-VISA VP HR Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa

ex-Nokia Siemens Networks Head of HR, Middle East and Africa

HR / Organizational development

He worked as a Global HR Executive, head of international companies such as Iron Mountain, VISA, Nokia Siemens Networks and Nokia. During his work he spent years in Italy and the United Arab Emirates. One of its strengths is how HR should be a real partner in the business, part of the strategy. He is a true Business Leader who has developed HR into a business area that has outgrown the support function in these companies and has made a significant contribution to their transformation and business success.

ex-RR Donnelley Regional EU HR manager

Mariann has extensive experience in organizational development and HR senior management, typically in large international manufacturing companies, partly in the field of services. She held a position as regional HR manager at RR Donnelley for several years. She has been a consultant for more than 2 years and specialises in the development, development and mentoring of complex HR activities in the SME sector. She has considerable experience in launching greenfield investments. Support businesses with more HR and organizational development activities.

Mariann MARGL

HR / Organizational development

ex-Uniqa Head of HR

ex-AVL Head of HR & Communication

HR / Recruitment

Krisztina SCHALL

She has 15+ years of hr senior management experience with subsidiaries uniqa, Evosoft and AVL in Hungary, among others. He currently runs his own HR consulting firm, where she deals with candidate experience measurement. It aims to make a positive change in the candidate communication between companies and bounty hunters through data-driven process development tools that collect job seekers' assessments. Committed to agility and digital HR processes.

SZPH Kft. - Managing Director e

x-Zimbo Perbál Kft. Managing Director

Finance/ Management


I have worked for more than 25 years in multinational companies (Tengelmann, Linde, Bell Group) in various management (CEO, CFO) positions. Due to this, I gained experience in the field of food industry in Hungary, Germany and Romania, as well as got to know the machine industry and the IT sector in the domestic and multi-environment. During this time, I gained experience in, among other things, integrated system implementation, building controlling and accounting systems, crisis management, implementation of investment and acquisition projects, and management of manufacturing companies. I have been a member of the Board of Directors of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce for 5 years. I am happy to share the knowledge and experience gained with the younger leaders, with whom working together and watching their development is always a great pleasure for me.

11 Entertainment Group Chief Financial Officer

ex-Wrigley CFO

ex-General Electric Senior Manager/ Finance

ex-KPMG Audit Manager

An experienced CFO who strives to get the most out of his team and increase the company's business value. She previously worked for Shell, various local and regional financial organizations in Wrigley/Mars. She also successfully applied his experience in building organizations that were undergoing major changes and in developing new processes and functions.

She established her experience and international financial and accounting knowledge as an auditor in Hungary, Switzerland and England. She has been involved in the financial audits of several small and medium-sized and global companies, primarily in the manufacturing, service and pharmaceutical industries. She has designed and managed several organizational, process and system transformation projects, great experience in change management.



Finance / Start up

Finance /Change & Project Management

ex-Pick Szeged Zrt., Supply Chain Directorex-Penny Market Hungary, General Manager/ CFO

Finance / IT Digital


After obtaining a qualification as an IT system organizer, in addition to working and studying in a German-speaking country, I have been working as a senior manager for 25 years. My work and my professional experience was defined by my 20 years in retail (Penny Market), during which time I had worked for 16 years as an executive and later as a CFO, building and then managing the IT and organizational development, logistics, human resources, finance accounting, controlling and legal areas. After years in the retail trade, I had worked as a supply chain director at PICK Szeged for 3 years, then got experience in the field of e-commerce. For the past 20 years, as a member of the board of directors of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I have been actively involved in the chamber's work, and as vice-president I was responsible for the supervision of dual and vocational training.


ex-ALD CFO és Deputy MD

ex-CISCO GLOBAL Director/GM Vertical Cloud Solutions

ex-CISCO GLOBAL Director/GM Vertical Cloud Solutions

He has 20 years of experience as managing and financial director and process auditor in Hungary and internationally in manufacturing and trading companies (Cereol, Beghin-Say – food industry, Exir – mechanical engineering, Bayer, BASF – chemical industry) and media service provider (Express, RTL) and financial financing (ALD Automotive). Since 2007, its main activity in its own business has been to customize and operationalize enterprise solutions based on the needs of SME operators, in particular with regard to the development of management operations for companies with a turnover of 3 - 50 persons and 100M - 5 Billion.

He has more than 20 years of experience in digital transformation, organizational development and innovative corporate culture. He previously ran the Hungarian subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer and then managed Global Innovations in the Netherlands. He is currently the founder and ceo of the company, environmental sustainability software company that assists SMEs. His creed is that a company can only be successful in the long term if it is able to develop an innovative culture that constantly challenges its own operations and seeks opportunities for renewal itself.

Digital business transformation consultant and trainer who contributes to the business success of his clients in digital business strategy, product/service development, workforce transformation and digitisation. For many years, Béla held senior management positions at large multinational companies in America and Europe. You have created several global business units at Cisco Systems. Its consulting clients include some large companies such as Cisco, Bertelsmann and Toys "R" Us and telecom operators such as Verizon, Telkom South Africa and Deutsche Telekom.

Gábor TÓTH


Strategy / Finance

Strategy / Digital

Strategy / Digitization


Arthur Bergmann Építőipari Holding Kft. - CEO

ex-K&H Marketing Director

ex-Paks Ipari Park Zrt. Strategy Director

ex-RR Donnelley IT manager Europe

ex-Delivery Hero/Netpincér/foodpanda CCO

ex-British American Tobacco General Manager, Bulgaria

Viktor is ceo of Arthur Bergmann Construction Holding Co. and holds the position of financial/economic manager of several SME companies. Owns its own SME acquisitions and financial advice company. Before that, he worked in banking/finance for more than 20 years. In addition to his official work, he also works as a grape grower in Szekszárd, before that he was, among others, the strategic director of the company responsible for the external development of Paks2, the business development manager of K&H Bank Marketing and the sales support manager of Budapest Bank. During his banking career he worked for 20 years in SMEs, of which he spent 15 years as a manager.

For 10 years, István ran the IT organization of the Hungarian and later European business of the American company RR Donnelley. During this time, he managed a number of projects in close cooperation with the business. In the course of his work, he participated in several enterprise integration projects, the launch of new European sites, including greenfield investment, and acquisitions. He also has in-depth experience in drawing up and implementing business plans, strategies, operating and investment budgets. It currently provides strategic and operational advice mainly to SMEs.

For the past 15-20 years, he has worked in various national and regional markets in Europe. He worked as a Route to Market Manager with British American Tobacco in 10 countries in collaboration with CEOs, CCO and CMO. In 2016, he was one of the leaders of the "2020 Digital Transformation Programme" in London, responsible for the commercial digital transformation of the entire company. Then, between 2017 and 2019, as CEO, he was responsible for 900 people and a turnover of more than EUR 500 million at bulgaria's largest distributor. In May 2020, he became commercial CEO of Delivery Hero, a Berlin-based food delivery company based in Hungary (foodpanda).

István MARGL


Strategy / Finance

Strategy / IT-digital

Strategy / Sales

ex-Johnson Electric Production Manager

Lean Manufacturing Expert

He has more than 25 years of senior management experience in production, logistics, quality assurance and project management in multinational companies. Until 2020, Integer Holding, a U.S.-owned multinational company, will be responsible for the production and sale of medical devices. He previously worked for Johnson Electric, Euro Pool System, Sylvan Hungária Zrt., PepsiCo Snacks, Amstel Brewery Inc. in the operating and production fields. He has extensive experience in logistics and food (FMCG) fields.

Manufacturing /


Zoltán PETŐ

ex-Procter & Gamble – Manufacturing Capability & Operation Excellence Director Feminine Care Europe

István MÓRÓ

Manufacturing /

Project management

István has more than 21 years of experience at Procter & Gamble on the production line. In recent years, he has been a regional manufacturing executive. He also worked as an HR manager there. He has extensive experience in FMCG and Lean, as well as manufacturing and quality assurance.

ex-MÁV Purchasing Director

ex-Bombardier Transportation director

ex-Citroën Hungária Kft. director

Project Management / Change Management

László PÉCS

I have 25 years of experience as a middle and senior manager in the automotive and railway sectors. Since 1997, I have been leading domestic and international organizations and projects in the fields of trade, production, service, logistics and procurement. My main professional areas are: change management, project management, and risk management. I am a graduated economic conflict resolution mediator. In 2009, I was voted Purchasing Manager of the Year by the Hungarian Logistics-Purchasing and Inventory Management Company. I am a member of the Hungarian Project Management Association, the Hungarian Society for Logistics-Purchasing and Inventory Management, the Purchasing Managers Club, the HTE Project Management Section, and the Medical Cluster.


Finance / Controlling

CoinCash Payments LTD. - Head Of Finance

ex-MagNet Bank CFO

Ildikó began her career at Deutsche Bank; these nearly 10 years have provided her with an excellent opportunity to gain a wide range of international professional experience. She then ran a Hungarian small bank controlling and later ran his financial field for more than ten years. As CFO, she was involved in supporting the bank's strategic decisions and played a significant role in several successful acquisitions that were decisive in the bank's life. She was involved in the bank's 2018 IFRS (International Accounting Standards), which was both challenging and a success for both professionally and humanly.


Purchasing / Logistics

ProcurCon Kft. owner - managing director

ex GE, MOL, Telenor Purchasing ManagerProcurCon Kft. - Owner, CEO

ex-GE, ex-MOL, ex-Telenor Purchase director

Zsolt has led purchasing organizations in 4 industries and 3 countries in 5 multinational companies (GE, MOL, Symbol, Telenor, Ericsson) in the last 30 years, including SSC design and international integration. He is a founding member of the Hungarian Purchasing Managers' Club and has been a board member of MLBKT ever since. The Purchasing Manager, launched jointly by MLBKT and Corvinus University, is one of the start-ups and still lecturers of postgraduate training. In this workplace, they are engaged in procurement training, outsourcing, consulting, organizational development.

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